ACA NetSpend Budget Card

NetSpend Prepaid Visa Budget CardThe Budget Card is issued by NetSpend® — the premier Prepaid Visa. The Card is available only through ACA, a not-for-profit Licensed Budget Planner and Credit Counseling Agency. Our primary objective is to help Consumers manage their household budget. This program has been created by experts with special features:

    • Free payroll direct deposit
    • Free recurring bill payments such as rent or mortgage, utilities and car
    • Get cash at ATMs or free when you buy groceries at checkout
    • Free text message every time you use the card that tells you in real time how much you spent, and your running real time available remaining balance
    • End of month usage summary that breaks down how much you spent in the various categories such as Groceries, Gas Utilities, etc.
    • NetSpend pays you 5% interest on the money you save and put in our FDIC-insured account
    • When you load your paycheck or social security check, you get your money at least 1 day early through the ACH

How much does it cost? $5.00 a month!

In order to obtain your Budget Card, you need to speak to one of our Certified Credit Counselors,

You can start using the card immediately. Let one of our Counselors help you set up the Budget Card and enroll in this great program.

American Credit Alliance is licensed by the PA Department of Banking, NJ Banking Department, and NY Department of Financial Services as a Budget Planner.

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