Consumer Links


List of Association of Reverse Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage Calculator’s

Provides financial calculators, rates etc.

Insurance Guide:
Home Insurance coverage

Fannie Mae:
Approved Lenders List, defaulted loans etc.

Freddie Mac:
Information on how to get help for Federal Mortgage Loans

Home renting:

Provides information and forms for how to rent a home or rent out a home.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Information on HUD housing & Section 8

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PFHA)
Provides affordable housing for older adults, families of modest means, and persons with disabilities.

Utilities & Assistance Programs:

NJ Natural Gas:
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program)
– Provides rebates on the purchase of Gas Heating Systems and or Gas Water Heaters.
– Helps meet heating costs

(Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

Food Stamps:

For Consumers …
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Government agency to report the following

Identity Theft – Fraud – Creditor Harassment etc.

Bank Checking Account:
Helps and Teaches how to maintain a checking account

Bank Rates:

Provides the following

– Interest Rates
– Financial Calculators

Credit Reporting Agency




Do not call list:

Prevents Telemarketers from calling you



Social Security

Free Tax Site:
To find a Free tax preparation site near you
IRS – Certified volunteers will prepare and e-file your taxes. (Federal and state)

Score: Service Corps of Retired Executives
Provides volunteers and education to help small businesses


Eldercare Locator:
Assists in finding state programs

Medical Resources:

American Diabetic Foundation
Provides free medical supplies for teachers and social workers

PHRMA (Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America)
Provides free directory of drug assistance program.


National Institute for Mental Health

Needy Meds – List of information about prescriptions programs
Help to get free or discounted prescriptions

Directory of Drug Assistance Programs
Phamaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America

Needy Meds – Source to help get free or discounted prescriptions.

Student Loans:

New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA)
– Student Loan Repayment
– Default Prevention

Loan Locator:

US Department of Education

Veterans Education Benefits

New York Higher Education (HESC)
Hesc Default Unit

Pennsylvania Higher Education

Sallie Mae
Private Student Loans, Stafford & Plus Loans.
– Check loan Status
– Loans for Undergrads

Help Lines:

Debtors Anonymous:

Gamblers Anonymous:

Narcotics Anonymous:

Suicide Hotline:

Pal Source:
Links to various local social services
(Red Cross, United Way etc.)


US Department of Labor – Information regarding:
– Unemployment Benefits
– Insurance
– Locating a Job, etc.